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We love hearing from Revitalize patients and referring physicians

The following comments from patients and referring physicians helped inspire Dr. Tara Scott to form Revitalize medical group with her partner, Dr. Carmencita Slabinski.

I’ve known and worked with Dr. Scott for over 25 years and have the utmost respect for her dedication to the evidence-based practice of medicine in the field of women’s health. She is one of the physicians that my colleagues often choose as their personal physician and/or refer their family and loved ones. In addition, she is the best educator for our residency program in the field of hormone related disorders and treatment, volunteering her time to mentor and train our future women’s health practitioners. I am happy to support her new practice, Revitalize, and I’m thrilled that we now have such a great resource for our community. I have personally referred many friends and family to Dr. Scott and her team with outstanding results. Best of all, I’m also a patient and a success story.

Vivian E. von Gruenigen, MD
Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Summa Foundation Endowed Chair in Women's Health
Akron City and St. Thomas Hospitals
System Medical Director for Women's Health
Summa Health System
Northeastern, Ohio
Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, NEOMED

Thank you so much for changing my life with the hormone balancing! Between the allergy testing, bioidenticals, the hysterectomy and getting my Vitamin D levels where they should be, I’m a completely different person. I have new energy. I can sleep. My belly is shrinking! Finally!

Cathy, a patient who experienced significant results

Having my hormones balanced gave me my life back. I realized that I wasn’t crazy or lazy. My energy came back and I was able to enjoy my family, my job and still keep up with everything else. I feel better about me.

Christine, a patient who experienced significant results