Do you think you have a Food Allergy?

So many people struggle with symptoms that can point to inflammation, things like pain, achey joints and muscles, food cravings, IBS-like symptoms, headaches, bloating, fatigue and many more.  Often these annoyances can go on for years before someone gets relief, and often after visiting many practitioners in different specialties.  Yet, did you know that all… Read more »

Nix those nasty diet drinks, lower your risk of disease!

Nearly everyone who’s tried to lose weight or simply to kick a sugar habit has switched from “regular” sweeteners (i.e. sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc) in soft drinks, iced teas, coffee drinks and other foods to artificial sweeteners.  They’ve been convinced by the marketing of these products that they’re refreshing, safe and even healthier… Read more »

SIBO- What’s going on in there?

If you read around online in the integrative, functional medicine, and/or digestive health space, you may have encountered this acronym: SIBO (usually pronounced “seebow”), which is easy-speak for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth  …  no wonder there’s a short form! SIBO can cause many gut related symptoms ranging from abdominal bloating, belching, gas, flatulence, cramps, diarrhea,… Read more »

Saliva Testing- Get the Skinny on Your Hormones

Most of us can probably relate to occasionally feeling out of sorts, moody, foggy, emotional, or not sleeping deeply. And for the ladies, those symptoms might seem to come and go according to monthly cycles or as those cycles start to change. Or if you’ve been following our blog posts and have been reading about… Read more »

What exactly is Leaky Gut?

Many of you, no doubt, will have heard the term “leaky gut”, as it’s become a popular topic in health and wellness circles and online. But I’ve heard that if you mention it to certain doctors, they can have a somewhat negative reaction, or even say they “don’t believe in that”. If, however you look… Read more »

Everyone’s Meditating – Are You?

It seems like you can’t glance through a piece of media without being encouraged to join the legions of those who meditate, being promised relief from the relentless stress, chattering mind and jangled nerves that are part and parcel of our every day lives. Just today, You Tube returned over 1.4 million hits when I… Read more »

Revitalize’s No Fail New Years’ Resolutions

New Years Day is usually thought of as a day to reflect on your past year, and plan the year ahead. Many people make a habit of making resolutions. Statistics say that while 45% of people made resolutions for 2015, only 8% actually kept them. That is not a very high success rate! Often it… Read more »

Thinking Ahead: 2017 Planning Already?

Next month will be January! The New Year. And even though December can see some of the busiest calendars of the year, it’s a great time to begin considering what changes you might want to make once all the holidays and festivities have come to a close for a bit. I like to ask people… Read more »

Staying Well At the Holidays

Much of what you see about “holiday survival” talks about eating healthy food at home before party- going, how to fit a pared down workout schedule into an already crammed schedule, and making DIY gifts to give your budget a bit of a break. These are great ideas, and if they serve your particular needs… Read more »

Revitalize is Now Offering Genomic Testing and Advice!

Pharmacogenomics and epigenetics is a new emerging field. Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 we have the technology to map your DNA- the strands that contain all of your genes. This leads to more personalized medicine. Sometimes it leads to earlier diagnosis. Other times it can help you make decisions to… Read more »