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You deserve to be revitalized!

Hormone imbalances can make you feel tired all the time, cause unexplained weight gain, and leave you feeling stressed and irritable.

Revitalize medical group is dedicated to identifying and addressing hormone and wellness issues so you and your loved ones can feel your best! Founded by board-certified physician Dr. Tara Scott, Revitalize medical group focuses on the following areas of expertise:

  • Perimenopause hormone issues
  • Menopause hormone issues
  • Fatigue caused by hormone imbalance
  • Weight gain related to hormones
  • Stress caused by hormone imbalance
  • Hormone related migraines
  • Mood and irritability issues linked to hormones
  • Low libido caused by hormone changes
  • Memory loss
  • Food-related allergies
  • Supplements
  • Sports nutrition
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